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The true taste of the Black Forest

The German Black Forest region is a world wide known region for high quality and pure indulgence products. We are the only dairy company worldwide which collects Black Forest genuine milk and processes in a production facility in the Black Forest region.

We offer packaging/declaration in different languages and tailor-made products to your markets and needs. Let’s transfer our strong brand „Black Forest milk“ with absolute premium product categories to your country.


Sustainable consumption - with best organic quality and delicious diversity.
The Black Forest milk organic product-line includes the unique milk from certified Bioland dairy farms. They are committed to complying with the rigorous Bioland guidelines and are subject to regular external controls. Bioland dairy farms are known for promoting animal welfare and natural GMO-free feed. Traditional and considerate processing is just as self-evident for us as modern production methods and constant quality control. The fruits for the tasty Black Forest milk yogurt also originate from controlled organic farming.

And of course you can be absolutely sure that the organic milk is collected, stored and processed separately. This is our 100% guarantee: where it says organic on it, it is also organic inside.


The Black Forest milk product-line offers delicious dairy products for the whole family. Enjoy our fresh and traditional meadow milk in the glass bottle, our beloved classic yogurt “Jogi” in diverse varieties, our traditional Tresana spread or our succulent “Schoki”. We also provide a wide variety of high-quality cream and curd cheese products for your cooking and baking recipes. In our Black Forest milk product-line you will also find our special meadow milk products.

In the fresh air and at the heart of the nature parks in South and Middle/North of the Black Forest, our Black Forest cows pasture on the lush green and herb-rich meadows. From spring to autumn, our cows stay in the meadow as long as possible and for at least 150 days a year, if the weather allows. Here our grazing cows can move naturally and kind-fairly, feel good and enjoy a lot of fresh pasture grass. In winter they are fed with natural feed in the stall - mostly from the self-cropping of our farmers. Conscious of our responsibility over humans and nature, we absolutely abstain from using genetically modified feeds.


Being lactose-intolerant does not mean that you cannot enjoy the tasty Black Forest milk. With our comprehensive range of lactose-free products, you can enjoy the milk of the Black Forest dairy farmers with peace of mind. Our LAC milk is equally rich in calcium as any other milk and can be used for cooking and baking as well.

Food Service

We offer high-quality fresh dairy products for use in the professional kitchen and big-selling branded products for your customers. We are a reliable partner of restaurants and gastronomic craft. Black Forest milk products offer the highest quality for your premium processing and your demanding customers and guests. Our range for professionals offers top-quality products for the best processing in the kitchen and bakery, milk for perfect milk foam, basic products for fine sauces and spicy dressings, ready-to-serve yoghurts and much more.

Whether in the kitchen or on the guest's table – we deliver the best ingredients for your success recipe. Ask for our selection of bulk products in 5kg and 10kg buckets!