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Manufacturing and Refining

Our ambition as one of the leading dairies is to combine our passion for authentic products with the expertise of artisanship and innovative processes. This is why we preserve traditional recipes, such as those of our butter, develop independent ones, such as the Tresana spread, and offer genuine manufacturing quality with Black Forest Cream.

Our branded products are 100% made from local producers’ milk. We process and refine the milk under rigorous quality requirements. With approved certifications such as “ohne Gentechnik” (GMO-free), “Bioland” and our high standards for milk quality, we create a transparent environment and offer a high degree of enjoyment and freshness.

Absolute freshness and hygiene guarantee the consistently high quality of Black Forest Milk products. Immediately after milking, the milk is cooled down to 4° to 6° degrees Celsius. An efficient transport system ensures that the milk collection trucks bring it directly from the farm to the processing plant to start the production in the shortest possible time. Immediately after arrival, temperature, quality, protein and fat levels are checked according to the toughest criteria. In production, the milk is then refined into for example fresh milk, yoghurt, quark and sour milk products, and then further processed and bottled. The raw and finished products are constantly analysed in our laboratory - to ensure absolute food safety and quality. This guarantees that every product that leaves our production facilities meets the highest quality standards.