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Our Black Forest

Black Forest farms with prominent roofs and flower-decorated windows. Lush meadows with grasses and herbs. Steep slopes lined by the shadows of tall trees.

The origin makes the difference!

A wide majority of the Black Forest Milk dairy farmers live and work there where guests from all over the world spend their holidays. These mostly practice traditional pasture farming and thus ensure an incomparable landscape. The Black Forest without cows on the meadows is therefore hardly imaginable. With their work, generation after generation, the farmers have shaped the unique agricultural landscape of the Black Forest as millions of tourists experience it year after year

And this also thanks to the fact that many areas of the Black Forest have been designated as protected nature parks. It is no coincidence that Germany’s largest and highest low mountain range is one of the most popular and best-known holiday regions in the world.

The „Fair Label"

The “Fair Label” on our products is intended to show customers that by purchasing our products, they are supporting our Black Forest dairy farmers as well as the entire Black Forest agricultural landscape. It is a seal of fair handling and trade.