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Our dairy cooperative

The dairy cooperative was founded in 1930 under the name of “Breisgau Milch”. Black Forest milk is still the company of the local dairy farmers today. More than 1,000 mostly smaller and family-run farms ensure the daily fresh quality of one of the most valuable foods we have - our milk. The milk is marketed by Black Forest milk in Freiburg and Offenburg, where it is bottled and processed into delicious milk products or milk powder.

Together they process the milk, which is unique in its provenance and taste. The Black Forest with its deep valleys and steep slopes shapes the lives of farmers and the way cattle are kept. Here the cows graze on lush fresh meadows in a picturesque landscape - a successful interaction between landscape, animal and man. The love and care of the family farms in the Black Forest hallmark the milk products of Black Forest milk Freiburg.

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Black Forest Milk - our dairy cooperative
Black Forest Milk - our dairy cooperative
Black Forest Milk - our farmers